Friday, May 10, 2013

A Mystery (poem)

Original digital art from an original photo, "Pony Romp". Copyright 2012 by RLMT/blog-author.

A Mystery

Do Bumblebees
     Sleep in the rain?
Do they shower and snore
          With a rainbow before
Pulling petals
     Up tight beneath chins?

The rainbow is sure
     To share its colors anew
Each time the flowers
          Dance under summer showers
The music all played
     In wind.

While the impossible wings
     No longer hum
To carry the impossible aloft,
          From city to croft
The children all sing
     Of the bumblebee's love.

From the wilds of the barnyard
     Comes a dancing mambo string
Of pony hooves lacing the air
          No gypsy's fine fair
Could parade with such sparkle
     Nor could racers do more to display.

The impossible horse
     On impossible feet
Waltzing without mathematical design
          Makes the scientist resign
To see magic alive on the hoof
     In the form of the horse.

A field of daisies and timothy grass
     A haven, a heaven to know
Where the bumblebee may sleep
          The birds of the field do cheep
And glorious horses run
     On impossibly tiny quick feet

I look for impossible clues
     Amid beauty and color,
The impossible blooms,
          The mystery resumes,
And all of nature's design
     Is genius true in its grace.

A ride on the horse is impossible yet
     It makes my heart play tunes
Seeking one chance
          To visit in trance,
One solitary creature asleep.
          ...Do bumblebees sleep in the rain?