Thursday, May 4, 2017

Book inventory. :-)

For the local folks in particular, or anyone interested in buying some of my books, and in answer to certain queries:

This is my current/available inventory.

NOVELS by R. Lee Tipton...

The Glimmering of Scotch Whiskey (1)

The Glimmering of Mountain Mists (0)

The Glimmering of Foxfire (13)

NONFICTION by R. L. Mackintosh...

The Tooth, Claw, and Hoof Stories

#1... dogs & cats - (14)
#2... farm (15)
#3... horses (7)
#4... wildlife/off-grid life (19)
#5... Best of, plus new (0)


It's doubtful I'll have any more on hand for some time, due to personal considerations (health, housing, basic needs vs. advertising/marketing costs). I apologize for any inconveniences. All of these books are available through Amazon.

For those who have asked, yes, I do have one unpublished novel complete, and several others in various stages of completion. I am not doing nonfiction at present. No new publications are planned at present.

Thank you. <3