Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Socio Path

Ego is a steel-jawed trap almost any human being will leap into with a silly smile on their face. Over and over, pride does indeed go[eth] before a fall.

Watching this country during these times, it is plain that society is endlessly inhumane, that caste systems exist in every culture (even where deemed illegal), and that immigration is not merely history, but also the future. The nature of the beast is the direct cause.

Yes, we are beasts. Verbal conversation, opposing thumbs, high falutin' philosophical or business ideas not withstanding, we humans have both similar physiology and similar needs as any other species of mammal on the planet. We're newborns as the earth mother's get are figured, the evolutionary tree gnarled in root and branch, yet spitting out prideful seed to grasp "dominion" with hands that are capable of so much more and better.

We're an interesting species. Like wolves, we're capable of socialistic behavior, like working together to find food. Unlike wolves, beasts we often revile as such, we use "spiritual" and/or "practical" excuses not to feed or care for the young, old, disabled, or sickly, and using similar logic, we try to prolong life once the body has utterly failed.

Our thinking has become so convoluted that something as basic as healing those who are ill has become the basis for greed. Willow bark tea (merely a random example) eases pain? Let's find a synthetic version, build factories, and put people to work making it, then sell it at prices beyond the means of those who hurt too badly to work there. Can't use willow bark? Oh, yes, we sell a version inspired by pineapples.

It goes on and on, ad nauseum. Population growth is a problem. Let's start a war, then stop women (even if they're ill, have been raped, or are victims of incest) from getting abortions or other forms of birth control. Let the storms roll in, the sky cry fat, sweet tears. We'll set out a pan of water, and ignore the drought neighbors suffer under.

Meanwhile, we choose up teams. Not just baseball, football, soccer, but also this church or that, this political party or that, and even the genetic accident of color of one's skin. If it's not our team, it's the wrong team. We even try to make other species conform. They're the wiser, in the end. A cat knows it isn't​ a cow, a bear doesn't consume what nourishes a carrot.

The truth is, we're not a species which is self-contained. We're all parts of a gloriously intricate planetary multi-entity, a god-like "his eye is on the sparrow" awareness beyond our limited capabilities as a single species. There may be billions of similar entities throughout the many universes we cannot imagine. And we are not gods.

We're frail, ignorant, flawed miracles... humans. Creatures of the whole, with our own limits to overcome.

Dream a little. It's not terrifying, once you realize this is... you.