Friday, March 24, 2017

Yesterday I heard the first Rain Crow of the season.

Melancholy, bittersweet, the song of the rain crow tugs at my heartstrings like nothing else can. I sat beneath the young cedars, listening. A warm spring day after a rain, the earthy scent of change settled around me, a cloak of familiarity.

Then I went inside and got back to work.

If you're a person who relies on any form of creativity for income, there is no day off, no vacation time, no retirement. Especially if you live where I do.

The sad truth of it is that our government wants tax payers, and to raise taxes. However, they fail to realize that if this is to be, the tax payers cannot be milked beyond a certain point. Loss of health, loss of home, loss of ability to work, these things are rising.

A look at says my home state ranks at a not-bad 11 in Crime and Corrections, and far lower on the list on Health Care (44), Education (35), Infrastructure (46), Opportunity (35), Economy (40), Government (35)... for an overall position down the list of 50: a solid 42.

Why would we want to stay here, you ask? Lack of opportunity to leave, mostly, and perhaps a heavy dose of habit. This is where my family's closest ancestors are buried, and the same goes for my husband.

We're no longer able to work at our old jobs. It's time to turn over a new leaf and move on. Change is in the wind, and we're ready for it.

Wish us luck.

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