Monday, February 20, 2017

Borrowing a day from May's flowers.

The changing of weather patterns has given us a thankfully mild winter, with what seems to be an early spring. Today, in eastern Kentucky, it's a balmy, sunny day, the temperatures hovering near 70 F. The old folks used to say, "Thunder in February, snow in May." We'll see. 

I'm feeling some slight relief from the "fibromyalgia syndrome" symptoms, but dealing also with an upper respiratory infection and a husband who had surgery for severe carpal tunnel syndrome yesterday morning.

I'm not writing. (I know, I know. However, it's not a mechanical process.) Since I don't believe in writer's block, and never will, that's not good. It means my enthusiasm is gone.

In times of good weather and hard times, the mind turns to gardening. This year, that's not going to be possible, either. We have nowhere to plant any roots of any kind. We plan to go nomad in search of work we can still do.

Somewhere out there is someone who needs farm-skilled people to keep their home and animals in good shape for their return. We hope to find them. To that end, we're preparing ourselves for a radical change at the exact time our bodies are turning toward a slow decline.

It's about to get interesting, I suspect. There's an old Chinese blessing-curse that comes to mind: "May you live in interesting times." We're there.

I'm going to try to blog it as it comes, good or bad. Wish us luck.

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