Monday, August 1, 2016

Adversity vs. Success: Concepts.

Life is never "fair". I don't and won't expect it to be. Life is what it is, and a good long look at what seems to be a tranquil forest puts the lie to an otherwise naive fantasy. Life is, my dears, a vicious fight for domination, all of it pitched to favor anyone and anything but the meek. Every tree pulls all possible resources into exceeding the growth of its neighbors.

The price of life is, quite simply, death. Don't believe me? Look at your food at your next meal. Only the minerals (salt, primarily) and water were never alive in any recognized sense.

I know this. I've known it for over 50 years. This planet is our sole refuge, and we humans pretend we control it at our whim. The truth is that even people are only small parts of a complex, multi-aware entity with a system of checks and balances set into it that no puny human brain can fully encompass or (how egotistical the word is...) rule. Earth is home, mother to all species in an abstract, extended sense. Late born humanity are her problem children. Brats, at that, greedy and spoiled rotten brats. We not only wantonly kill everything around us, we kill each other the same way.

As a line in an old movie had it, "Success is when you crush your enemies and listen to the lamentations of their women." Paraphrased from memory (apologies to Mr. Arnold S.). Only... maybe not.

The human world is bent and twisted. Good people working for the good of all, morally obtuse fools scraping after everything their neighbors (and former so-called "friends") have and need, in order to accumulate more. Thus is created a culture of broken whiners, too tired to care if their choices are right, or even if they live another day. (These are the "meek.") Ironically, the broken often end up angry and destructive because, well, you know they created their whole mess by "bad choices."

Responsibility has become outmoded; the average person is amazingly helpless compared to their ancestors. Even looking back a mere 100 years is enlightening. The answer contemporary society has for those who are capable? Weird.

I, personally, am tired. I'm tired of greed, society, fashion, conventional, entitlement, and a host of other warped and misused concepts. I'm tired of struggling to merely breathe while others change the rules so they can succeed. Give me a tree over human blithering and foolishness. I'll show you what a peaceful day looks like.

Success? That's a concept. Like beauty or perfection. It's all in the eye of the beholder. That would be me, in this case. Where success is trying to live a decent, reasonable life while making every possible effort not to crush anyone who is also struggling.