Saturday, July 23, 2016

Onions with lettuce and bacon grease?

*** Truth or fiction? ***

Today the first refugees of Kentucky fled to the comparatively rich state of Virginia. "We don't know where we'll end up," they said, "Half of the United States of America is suffering the effects of political profiteering and selfish, greed-motivated people masquerading as simple business LLCs." More refugees will no doubt follow.

They've lost everything, these people. Homes, health, hope. Their eyes hold hollow depths swimming with worry. Where will they go? What will they do? How will they keep food, shelter, clean water? Mining operations, money-oriented health insurance and related businesses, monoculture poison-laced farms, waterways and air filled with profitable contaminants, all of these contributed, the refugees claim.

Unable to get decent health care or even find jobs the media claims exist, unable to get even short term disability aid, these refugees suffer depression and anxiety in the wake of insurmountable odds. Lacking alternatives, and in many cases, everything they once held of value, they finally ran for the border in the wake of rumors of immigrant walls, barriers to a last gasp of hope.

Give us your tired, your homeless, Lady Liberty once promised, her torch held high. For the people struggling to maintain working class dignity and the ability to support their families, it seems almost laughable that such an America once existed.

Stay tuned to Onion Express for further updates. We're here, tears and tissues to share.