Sunday, October 18, 2015

As you can see, while I have not updated this blog site in some time, I have been busy! Working with my wonderful editor and friend, Ibby Taylor Greer, who is an artist and author on her own.

 These five books, the Tooth, Claw, and Hoof Stories series, are all available online via Amazon and as Kindle or ebook format.  I am using a pen name: R. L. Mackintosh, as I am now at work on some fiction which I prefer to keep separated from these stories. It's all still me, I assure you. 

The first four titles will be available at the Kentucky Book Fair, November 14th, 2015, in Frankfort, Kentucky, USA. I have been invited to sign copies there, and have accepted gratefully.

Book # 1 is filled with dog and cat stories. Book # 2 is farm stories. Book # 3 is all horses' tales. Book # 4 is wildlife based. Book # 5 has a variety, and includes new material. 

All five are priced affordably, and will be available at the Amazon indicated cost plus shipping and handling, signed, at a later date and on special request. 

Should you wish to contact me directly for gift orders, please email me at R. L. Tipton at Gmail dot com, no spaces, no capital letters and in proper form, with the subject line: Tooth, Claw, and Hoof Stories. I'll reply as soon as possible. Snail mail is welcomed, and I will reply as time, physical ability, and volume of mail permits Send to:

R. L. M. Tipton

Attn.: R.L. Mackintosh
P.O. Box 1225

Stanton, KY  40380-1225