Friday, February 20, 2015

Hell may freeze over, yet home is still the sweetest place to be.

We're watching the weather closely here where I am. Already, we've seen a foot of snow and temperatures of an arctic nature. People all around us have lost their ability to heat their homes and to maintain light to function by. Few people were prepared.

All last summer, we struggled and worked. We raised gardens of an unconventional nature, canned, dried, preserved, and stored all we could of every kind of produce and wild berries. Our shelved sat full, stocked with an eye to long term comfort and health as best we could.

I am happy to say that our efforts have been worthwhile. The people who have helped us to stay in our home, the home we designed and built for ourselves, are wonderful people that we'll never forget. That house, unfinished and snug all in the same breath, has paid us back by remaining economically warm through it all, and efficient beyond any home we ever had before.

In a couple of weeks, again with the help of a friend, I'll be releasing via CreateSpace and Amazon a series of books under the collective name "Tooth, Claw, and Hoof." Titles will include, to start, a collection of dog and cat stories, one of farm animal stories, a re-collection of horse stories (new layout and no images), a collection of wildlife stories, and a fifth is planned that will take selections from the first four  and add all new material in with that. This is a job created out of thin air, as it were. As soon as the books start becoming available, I will post an update, hopefully with a cover shot and ISBN numbers.

Meanwhile, we're staying home. HOME. With luck, it will remain our home for some time to come. I have a lot of work to do, many books planned to follow this series. Some will be fiction (novel, novella, short story), some will be nonfiction.

After this last session of bad winter weather, I am considering assembling a how-to, book (tongue in cheek humor, here): How to Live Like No One Else Can.

Stay warm, stay safe, and keep laughing. A laughing warrior is a frightening thing, after all. (grin)

A recent Facebook posting:

Ivory shadows glinting blue topaz, thin and smoky light fading through nude sunset trees. Ice like diamonds, snow spreading cold pale satin across hills and mountains in endless ribbons, sprawled in velveteen grace where pastures lie sleeping. Brutal, elegant, a ballet of fair dangers. The words of winter come in the secret whispering of snow or the sorrowing hiss of icy skies. Ghostly smoke bows low and then departs for warmer climes. Only the ashes of a dying fire remain, waiting for sunrise, and the hope of spring some fine day.