Thursday, September 18, 2014

Transition to harvest time.

Beet pickles. (c) RLMT

An oddly shaped cayenne pepper. (c) RLMT

Tomato juice. (c) RLMT

Several kinds of heirloom tomatoes. (c) RLMT

Sweet banana peppers. (c) RLMT

Every summer, we struggle to plant gardens. We mix in flowers with herbs and vegetables and hope for the best, using no chemicals. We save seeds as we preserve foods along the way. Many of our flowers provide habitat for birds and other beneficial creatures, so that everyone benefits. There are many low-stress, low labor methods of gardening, and we try all of them, including companion gardening, no-touch gardening (Fukuoka), raised beds, and more. The above images represent some of the fruits of our labors, such as we're able to contribute. When possible, we share with those who have less than we have. The earth provides so much. Beauty, peace, food, medicine.