Friday, November 1, 2013

Release of my first book: PENDING DELIVERY of the hard copies.

Print copy release of my book:

Thou Shalt Fly Without Wings

by R.L.M. Tipton

The first shipment is in. The publisher, who is busy setting up sales deliveries and signing dates, says she will gladly take orders in the main office. Here are the phone numbers and addresses to contact:

(Parkway Publications d/b/a...)
Read Writers Publishing
P.O. Box 710
Clay City, KY 40312-0710
Office phone: (606) 663-1011
Office fax: (606) 663-1808
Cell number (EST): (859) 771-3323  (Website under construction.) (My personal page there.)

ISBN # 978-0-9858794-0-2
$19.95 for Trade paperback
(Ebook price varies; see below.)


The book should be available via  Barnes & Noble (and in Nook format) soon. 

UPDATE: Kindle version is now available from for $4.99, as is the paperback (see Amazon for the current price. We also signed into the Matchbook program on Amazon: buy a paperback. get the digital version for a reduced price. 

NOTE: For a signed and/or personalized copy direct from the publisher, please add $6.00 USD to the total for credit card fees, shipping and handling, etc


I will also soon be writing a regular item in the local {RE}FOCUS monthly magazine, subjects varying among my general areas of interest. If all goes well, those articles may also be posted online.