Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Book news and a couple of thank-you notices.

This afternoon we were treated to lunch by Bill and Jerlene Rose, at Paula's Clay City Restaurant, which is under new management. We had barely gotten seated when someone took our order, and within just a few minutes, a well-cooked hamburger and fries landed in front of us! Juicy tomato, crisp lettuce and onion, the works. I am impressed. 

Many thanks to Jerlene for the lunch, and for encouraging local business. Many thanks to the folks at the restaurant for a pleasant meal in homey, relaxed surroundings where the customer comes first. It was a rare and good treat to spend time with friends and local folks in a blooming new restaurant.

The business of the day with Read Writers Publishing's owner was to give a last going-through of the manuscript for final retouch work by the designer. It's off and running! Next, I will expect to see a proof-copy, which gets a final round of editorial polish, and then ... e-book and print, THOU SHALT FLY WITHOUT WINGS.

Wish us luck. It's been a long, hard path.