Saturday, June 29, 2013

My first book is almost ready to take flight (pun intended).

My first book, titled THOU SHALT FLY WITHOUT WINGS, will be released within two months! It's nonfiction: original digital art combined with stories gathered from years of working with horses and their kin - and their people. The ISBN number is 978-0-9858794-0-2, the price for hard copy/soft cover is going to be $19.95. It will be available also as e-copy. Copies have been sent to the Kentucky Arts Council for consideration 'to the floor' at the 2013 Kentucky Book Fair in Frankfort, Ky., this November.

To contact the publisher, try this (unfinished) website: or call them at (606) 663-1011 . Arrangements are in motion to sell the volume via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Josephbeth Booksellers, Kentucky State Parks gift shops, and the Kentucky Horse Park gift shop. If all else fails, inbox me!  NOTE: The book is not available yet. It should be in hard copy/soft cover AND in e-version as well within a couple of months.

The next hitch in m' git-along is replacing my freshly-dead laptop: I still don't have a working computer. As such, I am not online as much as I'd like. Don't let that hold anyone back! I missed you all. I'll catch up as I can, reply as I can. And of course, there must be another book.