Friday, June 7, 2013

More of the beauties to be found in my beloved little niche in Kentucky's part of Appalachia.

Hen-and-chickens plants in some old pots. Copyright May 2013 by  RLMT/blog author.

Yarrow, All-Heal. Copyright June 2012 by RLMT/blog author.

The humble dog-rose, a creation blessing of the wildwoods. Copyright  June 2012, by RLMT/blog author.

Mapleleaf Viburnum. Copyright May 2012 by RLMT/blog author.

False Solomon's Seal. Copyright May 2012 by RLMT/blog author.

Ox-Eye Daisy. Copyright May 2012 by RLMT.

Goat's Beard. Copyright June 2012 by RLMT.
Dear old Antonio! Brought to us as a rescue, he's a verifiable individual with plenty of quirks.
Copyright July 2012, by  RLMT/blog author.