Friday, May 10, 2013

Oh, well.

It appears that my return to an online presence will be delayed somewhat longer than I had hoped. My deepest apologies to those who enjoy reading this blog. The delay is not of own choice.

I am dealing with, among too many other things, a possible long-term, untreated case of Lyme Disease. In the years (yes, years) intervening, the 'medical community' saw fit to tell me that (a) one could not get Lyme Disease in Kentucky, (b) being a hypochondriac is not nice, (c) I was just plain lazy and/or making all this up, (c) there is no such thing as a residual "chronic" case of Lyme Disease, (d) [I'll spare you more], etc. All of which seems to be incorrect, with the possible exception of '(b)'.   

 It appears that there may be many names for the same symptoms. For fun, go look up this in a search engine of your choice: 'FMS/ME and CFS and Lyme Disease and GWI and food sensitivity/allergy/intolerance compared'. Then look for 'the hidden plague of Lyme Disease'. Have fun. I did.

In addition to having had the (not necessary for infection with the Lyme spirochette [of three forms possible, this one I'll point out in particular] bacteria) classic 'target mark' rash decades ago, I now have a few new tick bites atop the 20+ year old case; ticks are out in force already this year in our area. Not that the new bites will matter.

This is merely one thing to deal with; the rest will simply have to get into line. My patience is about shot to hell, folks. Sorry... but so it is. The whole red-tape machine is killing people I know and love and stealing their lives away drop by drop in the name of business agendas. "Health industry"? You bet it's an industry, purely profit-motivated: remember "First, do no harm."?

~ R.