Sunday, June 17, 2012

Things to remember, even as they become the future and then the past.

A little over 28 years ago, my niece met this young friend. The horse grew old and passed on. The niece has four strong sons of her own. We all grow and change and see things become what they never were before. And sometimes, we have an image to remember it all by. This one is mine. (c) 1985, by RLMT.

     The mother of the foal was old. We had hoped for a foal from her all along, and then this one was conceived by accidental encounter with a young stallion in the wrong place at the right time. He quickly became the charm of the family, and my young niece was delighted to make his acquaintance.
     To see the world around us through the vision of younger souls is a gift. A tuft of grass becomes an imaginary monster to dance away from with exaggerated speed and a degree of adolescent grace. Leaves whispering at night, the breeze toying gently with them, become singers in a choir of soft voices all in tune. Crickets leaping are an excuse to leap, too. Older legs and older eyes can't, perhaps, leap with impunity. Yet the joy of the thing remains in memory, and it takes only a reminder to make a leap of faith back to those remembered times.
      Remember and enjoy. Life comes your way only once.